About Simone & Curly Dreams Art

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I’m Simone, a Melbourne based artist originally from The Solomon Islands , Papua New Guinea. My earliest formative years were spent making art and this coinsided with forming a deep connection with nature from growing up in an equiste environment. This love of nature has contiued to inspire my work today.

I was fortunate to study art and design in 1991 and am also self taught. Areas of practice include; ceramics, sculpture,mosaic, collage, glass ,drawing and more. These days, however, I now focus on painting and drawing. I’m a proud member of the Sunbury Art Society which is connected to The Boilerhouse Gallery.

I’ve exhibited and sold my art at Gallery Sorrento, Beast Creations, Manjung Gallery and The Boilerhouse Gallery in Melbourne. My Australian made, useable art products include; Cards, Tea-Towels, Cushions,Tote Bags and Prints. They’re currently sold at The Gisborne Olde Time Market in the months prior to Christmas. They are also stocked for purchase at Home Grown Gifts, Sunbury and New Harvest Produce, Seaford. My artwork and useable art products can be sourced at various art exhibitions that happen in the Mt Macedon region or purchase direct from my website shop and your items will be convienently posted to you.

In more recent times I’ve become a portrait commission artist for pets and peopole and absolutely love the challenge of pushing my skills to new degrees and bringing joy to others through paintig them a personalised fine art piece.

Artistic practice has been an integral part of my world, I truely could’nt imagine my life without art, it’s my passion, my meditation, my enabler of emotional health, my solace in a sometimes upheavled, uncertain changing world. Art is my peace.

My goal is to spread thoughout the world as much color and happiness as possible through artwork.

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