Farm Animal Range – Set of 10 Greeting Cards


Farm Animal Range – Set of 10 Greeting Cards (Includes Shipping)

Simone Ravenscroft’s greeting cards are beautiful, fun loving and unique. Available in various designs, there’s something to suit everyone and they are blank inside to write your own words. Make someone’s day with a POP of color and a hand written message! Keep in touch and deepen your connection with those your care about or say ” I love you”

MATERIAL: 100% recycled, quality 300gsm card. 100% recycled envelopes.

SIZES: 14.5cm x 14.5cm and 18cm x 12.5cm

ORIGIN: Designed and Made in Australia

$64.30 (Includes Shipping)


Click Card image below to see blown up version of card.

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Piglet and Pumpkin (single pig), Tuxedo (black and white cat with green bg), Tortie Fluff Ball (tortoise shell cat face), Pretty Puss (white and tan cat face with pink bg), Humming to My Own Beat (blue green bird), Fluer De Lys (stencil design with white bg), Pineapple Passion (pineapple), Shaggy Ba-Bartholom-Ewe (sheep), Owl Always Love You (owl family), The Happiness Of Tea (duckling in a tea cup), Mr-A-Hops-Lot (rabbit), Apple Tree Adventure (parrot, cat & apple tree), A Mermaids Love Story (mermaid with blue bg), A Fine Feathered Friend (rooster), Your Love Floats My Boat (dragonfly & boat), Shady Lady Alpaca (alpaca), Fly Free (girl with butterflys), Love-A-Duck (duck & duckling in tea cup), Frenchies (french bulldogs), Finding Love In The Pumpkin Patch (kissing pigs), Love Floated Towards Me (mermaid boat fish dragonfly), Heart Face & Friends (girl with blue hair & cow)